Home Zoning

acAll-of-home zoning is a simple but effective way of only using the energy that you really need, increasing energy efficiency and saving money from your utility bills. Sanders Services specialize in providing all-of-home zoning upgrades for Little Rock, and our helpful and friendly service has already become the preferred choice for thousands of residents and businesses in your local area.

1. Save Money


All-of-home zoning can make utility bill savings of up to 25% by only using the energy that you really need. Home-Zoning can be programmed to only heat or cool occupied areas of your home at different parts of the day. This makes savings as families move around their home.

2. Professional Installations

To enjoy the maximum benefit from home-zoning you should always insist upon aca professional installation. Sanders Services can discuss your air conditioning and heating needs with you and evaluate your home to decide upon the optimum number of zones. We will also ensure that all dampeners and thermostats are ideally located and expertly wired.

3. Upgrade your Current System

Sanders Services can quickly upgrade your current heating or cooling system and duct work so you can still enjoy all-of-home zoning's increased efficiency and lower utility bills.

4. Increased Comfort


With home-zoning, each zone has an independent thermostat which is linked in to the central unit. This allows you to set different temperature levels for different zones or rooms and take greater control of your immediate environment. This is a great benefit that central heating and cooling just doesn't allow with only one blanket temperature for the entire home.

5. Eliminate Hot or Cold Spots

If you have areas of your home that central heating and cooling just can't reach, all-of-home zoning can cool and heat them for you. All-of-home zoning can be designed to compensate for warm or cold drafts, large windows and areas that received the most or least sunlight to eliminate all hot and cold spots and ensure a consistent temperature for your entire home.

6. Professional Service Technicians

You can be assured that the technician who responds to your call will be a clean-cut professional. Sanders Services hire only the most qualified and experienced technicians and all of our staff pass a stringent background check prior to employment.

7. Written Warranties

acAll of Sanders Services's workmanship is fully backed by a written warranty for your extra assurance.

8. Free Estimates

You can discover the outstanding value of our all-of-home zoning solutions by arranging a free estimate with us.

To find out more about how you could save money and actually increase comfort with our all-of-home zoning solutions, call and speak with the professionals at Sanders Services today.


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