Ductless AC

ExpertsIf you are looking for a highly efficient, durable and reliable air conditioning system for your home in the Little Rock area, you'll be delighted to learn the benefits of Sanders Services' ductless mini-split and spot air conditioning solutions. Ductless air conditioning can help reduce your utility bills while improving your level of home comfort. Sanders Services are experts at installing and maintaining ductless systems and are already the trusted choice for thousands of Little Rock's homes and businesses.

1. The Best Ductless Systems


Sanders Services can offer you the choice of the very best ductless air conditioning systems on the market today. We are authorized suppliers for many of the leading brands and can provide expert advice regarding each model's efficiency rating, output, warranties and environmental features to ensure your new ductless system fits perfectly with your budget, home and lifestyle.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency


Ductless air conditioning is incredibly efficient as it doesn't require duct work, removing the problem of energy being lost through duct leaks. This could significantly reduce your air conditioning bills, as your air conditioning system won't need to work harder and power-cycle to regain the wasted energy.

3. Professional Installations

FastTo gain the most from your new ductless system you should always insist on a professional installation. Sanders Services only hire the most qualified and experienced technicians and provide regular training to ensure a professional and reliable installation each and every time.

4. Air Conditioning & Heating

The benefits that ductless systems provide can be enjoyed throughout the year, as the system can also use a reverse heat-pump cycle to heat your home as well as cool it.

5. Ductless Air Conditioning Experts

When it comes to ductless air conditioning solutions, Sanders Services are experts. We can assess your home to check the airflow and for any hot-spots to ensure perfect placement of your system. Our professional installations will ensure your new ductless system runs at maximum efficiency.

6. Financing

Sanders Services offer a number of financing options for approved applicants to help fit ductless air conditioning into almost any budget.

7. Free Estimates

We provide free estimates on all new ductless air conditioning installations so you can discover the great value of our expert services.

For further information about our first class ductless air conditioning solutions and service, or to arrange a free estimate, call and speak with the experts at Sanders Services today.


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