HeatignTo ensure your air-conditioning and heating systems work at optimum levels and are energy efficient, consider the cost savings a digital programmable thermostat from Sanders Services will provide. We're already the trusted choice for thousands of local residents and businesses in the Little Rock area and you can read from happy customers here.

Discover how you could become more energy efficient and save with a digital thermostat upgrade:

1. Utility Bill Savings

SaveA digital programmable thermostat has been recommended by the EPA as one of the easiest methods to save money from monthly utility bills. Sanders Services' thermostat solutions allow you to program your heating or cooling system to start operation when you desire, for example, just before you wake-up or arrive home, so the perfect temperature is waiting for you. This avoids having to leave the system running unnecessarily, which will save you energy and money.

2. Increased Control

ControlThe latest digital programmable thermostats from Sanders Services feature remote control and wireless controls, allowing you to set the perfect temperature in any room around your home.

3. Touchscreen Interfaces

Digital programmable thermostats are incredibly easy to use and we can offer systems that use the latest in touch-screen technology and can display data and settings in a number of different languages.

4. Wireless External Sensors

Remote ControlYou can accurately monitor the temperature outside from the comfort of your own home with our wireless sensor upgrades. The external sensors send temperature data directly to your central unit and remote control, improving the responsiveness and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

5. Professional Installations

Sanders Services can professionally install your new digital programmable thermostat to ensure it is working perfectly. We can run through all of it's features with you to ensure you'll enjoy all the benefits it provides.

6. Home Comfort Professionals

Sanders Services are fully licensed and insured and hiring us helps keep any existing warranties and insurance valid. We have the expertise and experience to help you select the digital thermostat solution that will be perfect for your budget, heating and cooling systems and lifestyle.

For further information regarding digital thermostat solutions for your home in Little Rock, call and speak with the helpful and friendly team at Sanders Services today.


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